Peptide Purification System


Peptide Purification System


The Prodigy™ is a unique preparative scale HPLC with a fully integrated heating system to access elevated temperatures for improved performance with peptide purification. This advanced heating system provides a uniform temperature for both the column and mobile phases and is compatible with columns up to 50 mm in diameter. Chromatographic methods from the heated analytical scale can now be performed directly at the preparative scale without the need for scouting runs through the use of temperature matching and CEM's proprietary focused gradient calculator.

The peptide focused development of the Prodigy makes it the ideal choice for simple or difficult separations - even for very hydrophobic peptides. The fully integrated heating system provides high level efficiency, without unnecessary complication.
  • Fully integrated heating system with pre-optimized methods
  • Built-in focused gradient calculator to convert from heated analytical to heated preparative scale
  • Purify up to 1.5 grams per run of crude peptide
  • UV directed fraction collection
  • Intuitive software with one touch startup, collection, and cleaning

Powerful Peptide Purification

Optimized to be the Best in Peptide Purification

The Prodigy Preparative HPLC system is engineered for the best resolution of biomolecules and synthetic peptides. Key to system performance is its unique elevated temperature chromatography that provides improved separation capabilities beyond traditional preparative HPLC. This technology is supported by CEM’s proprietary focused gradient calculator that delivers optimized method transfer from analytical to preparative scale without the need for re-optimization or scouting runs. With the Prodigy, every chemist can improve resolution and recovery while saving time and solvent.
CEM Ambient Temperature

Ambient Temperature

CEM 60°C


Resolve More Impurities

Separate Even Single Insertions

Analytical HPLC for peptides is performed at elevated temperature for the best resolution. Why not get the same great results for preparative separations? The fully integrated column heating system of the Prodigy HPLC translates this technology to the preparative scale with fully optimized methods designed by CEM peptide scientists. With the Prodigy, every chemist has the ability to better resolve closely eluting impurities.

CEM Ambient Temperature

Ambient Temperature



Intrepid Column C18, 4.6 x 150 mm, 3 μm, 100A.
Method: 5-70%B (0.1% TFA in ACN) over 15 minutes, 1 mL/min, 220 nm.

CEM 40°C



CEM - Heated Preparative Chromatography
Heated Preparative Chromatography

Excellent Separation of Hydrophobic Peptides

Hydrophobic peptides pose a unique challenge in reversed phase purification due to limited solubility in the mobile phase. This challenge leads to poor interaction with the stationary phase and poor resolution and peak shape in chromatograms. The fully integrated heating system of the Prodigy increases solubility of hydrophobic peptides and improves both resolution and peak shape for the best chromatographic results.

Peptide Purification

Effortless Method Transfer

Make yours the most efficient peptide production workflow by eliminating optimization and scouting runs. CEM’s proprietary focused gradient calculator simplifies the method transfer process from analytical to preparative scale, removing time intensive and wasteful optimization steps common to non-heated chromatography workflows. This industry exclusive feature is included with Prodigy Preparative HPLC software along with the easiest to use programming interface.

Peptide Purification

Intuitive Software

User-Friendly Software, Scientist Centered Design

The new Prodigy icon driven software makes running a separation fast, easy, and efficient. The built in focused gradient calculator converts from heated analytical to heated preparative scale without the need for scouting runs. The powerful software on the Prodigy makes anyone a chromatographer.
Prodigy Software 1


The System Overview Window provides a quick summary of the instrument status.


Prodigy Software 2


Enter the parameters from your analytical run into the Focused Gradient Calculator.


CEM - Prodigy Software 3


The Focused Gradient calculator will automatically convert your analytical method to preparative parameters.


CEM - Prodigy Software 4


Select a method and update your parameters then touch the Start button to begin.


Customize your Prodigy

CEM - High Flow Configuration

High Flow Configuration

For those with higher throughput needs, the Prodigy has a high flow configuration available. This system allows flow rates up to 250 mL/min, access to larger 50 mm diameter columns, and up to 1.5 grams of material for purification.
CEM A Comprehensive Synthesis Solution

A Comprehensive Synthesis Solution

In addition to peptide purification solutions, CEM is the industry leader in peptide synthesis instrumentation. The Liberty and MultiPep product lines can cover any application, scale, and workflow.

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CEM - Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) Columns

Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) Columns

BEH particle technology ensures maximum column performance and longer column lifetimes under all chromatographic conditions and including elevated temperature. The columns are highly stable, pH resistant, and with mechanically strong particles that set the performance standard for method development. CEM offers the Waters BEH columns for bundling with the Prodigy system.