TamiSolve NxG-PS

Although modern peptide synthesizers can dramatically reduce waste generation, there are still challenges associated with the health and environmental impacts of commonly used solvents. To alleviate these concerns, CEM now provides TamiSolve®1 NxG-PS (TamiSolve), an alternative solvent for peptide synthesis. TamiSolve has very low flammability and toxicity, but provides the same performance as DMF or NMP. TamiSolve can routinely be substituted as a wash solvent on Liberty systems in place of DMF or NMP. Additionally, TamiSolve can often be used as an effective reaction solvent for complete replacement of DMF and NMP.

Standard Specifications
  • Low toxicity and flammability profile
  • Highly effective solvent for SPPS
  • Does not impact lifetime of amino acid solutions
  • Available in large volumes

Easy to Implement
Easy to Implement

Use TamiSolve with any SPPS process.

TamiSolve can be incorporated as a wash solvent into your SPPS workflow with only minor adjustments. To make it convenient, easy to follow instructions have been developed. Additionally, TamiSolve can also be used as a reaction solvent using preoptimized methods for use with our microwave peptide synthesizers.

Liberty Blue or Liberty Lite Users
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All Other Liberty Users
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Sequence % Crude Purity DMF % Crude Purity TamiSolve
ACP 93 92
JR 10mer 78 76
ABRF 1992 76 77
ABC 20mer 79 84
Thymosin 78 83
1-42β-amyloid 62 65
High Purity

Don’t sacrifice purity forsafety.

TamiSolve brings the same level of performance as traditional SPPS solvents like DMF, but with a much greener profile.2

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  • #TMS001-200KG 200kg Drum
    #TMS001-4x4L 4 L Bottle (4 Pack)
    #TMS001-4L 4 L Bottle

1. Manufactured in Belgium. Repackaged for sale by distributor, not affiliated with Eastman Chemical Company. TamiSolve is trademarked by Eastman Chemical Company.
2. TamiSolve was used for both washing and reaction solvent.